Property Developments

Welcome to New Build Hub, a website hosted by Professionals, Redcoats Limited for property developers in the Wellington Region looking to showcase new and emerging developments in the best way possible. In addition, New Build Hub offers new home buyers a single platform on which to search and view up and coming projects available through Professionals.


New Build Hub is the perfect platform on which to showcase your next project.

New Build Hub takes the guesswork out for buyers wanting to find information on new homes, placing every possible detail they may be looking for when purchasing right at their fingertips. It also offers buyers a place where they can view various projects on offer in one handy location.

For those buyers not quite ready to purchase, they can sign up to receive property development updates that will keep them up to date about future developments in their region. This also ensures New Build Hub has a substantial database of buyers when developers are ready to release an exciting new product to market.

Land Owners

You might be surprised how much a developer would pay for your property. Land that is ripe for development is highly sought after in the current competitive market, and keen developers are likely to pay more for a home on a large section than owner-occupiers would.

Amalgamated sites are also very popular with developer clients, so if your section isn’t quite so large but your neighbour would also consider selling, together your properties could be worth more than they would be alone.

Developers are paying competitive prices, and often without sellers even having to pay out for considerable expenses like home staging and marketing.


It’s safe to say that right now, property is one of the most talked-about subjects in the media. Many developers have released exciting new projects into the Wellington Region, and this library is where we have captured those stories and other articles about new homes and vacant sections.