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New Build Hub is a property listing website established by real estate experts, Professionals, Redcoats Limited. The platform is a concise directory for Wellington region property developers to showcase their developments, providing new home buyers with a single location to discover the plans, pricing and availability of new homes in their desired area. Professionals also engages with landowners who are considering selling and provide expert advice and guidance to all stakeholders throughout the process.


Over the years, Professionals have emerged as industry leaders in real estate, specialising in the sales and marketing of property development projects alongside their dominance in the established housing market.

New Build Hub was constructed after identifying the need for a single platform on which property developers across Wellington were able to showcase their emerging and completed developments for new home buyers to discover. Professionals sought to redefine the process of project marketing for real estate agents, working collaboratively with developers to assist with the sale of new builds; ensuring new home buyers are able to stay up to date with the latest properties available as they enter the market.

Drawing on Professionals’ considerable experience and background, New Build Hub has been created as an informative, contemporary platform to assist developers with the sale and marketing of their developments.

Buyers are also able to browse the plans, pricing and availability of new residential properties in the Wellington region, reaching out to Professionals directly via New Build Hub to facilitate the purchase of their dream home. By signing up to receive new development updates, they will also be advised of any new and exciting developments coming to the market in their region, and be the first to know about future opportunities, putting them ahead of the queue.


The way people want to buy and sell property is changing. New Build Hub has taken this into consideration, recognising how processes can be made easier for property developers, new home buyers and landowners and putting this into action.

After working in the Wellington property market for over 40 years, Professionals have created a centralised hub where all components of buying and selling new developments seamlessly come together.

Professionals pride themselves on being approachable by nature and listening with enthusiasm to what their clients have to say. They endeavour to provide their customers with genuine support and expert advice tailored to their needs, for the best results for all parties concerned. They understand that for their clients, buying or selling a home can be a life-changing decision, and they are committed to prioritising their needs and providing excellent service throughout the entire process. 

Their success can be attributed to the industry knowledge and experience within the team, which allows them to achieve the best possible outcomes. Professionals’ buying and selling process is described as world-class, providing clients with an optimised, enjoyable and exciting experience.


The team of experienced salespeople at Professionals understands that searching for homes across various platforms can be time-consuming, overwhelming and difficult to keep track of. They also know that for property developers, marketing and distributing information to relevant, keen buyers isn’t always what they want to focus their time and energy on.

That's why through New Build Hub, Professionals step in and do what they do best. Their team has pooled industry connections and insider knowledge to create an effective, easy to use platform that enables the best outcome for everybody.

Professionals’ mission is to work collaboratively with developers, buyers and landowners to maximise the potential of housing developments and fulfil the needs of new home buyers and landowners.

For housing developers, New Build Hub strives to remove the manual time and labour costs associated with planning the sale and marketing of their properties. 

For new home buyers,  New Build Hub endeavours to provide a single platform that showcases a complete overview of up and coming housing developments in the Wellington region. Professionals aim to give buyers confidence by providing helpful industry knowledge and guiding them through the process of purchasing real estate.


The vision for New Build Hub is that it becomes a centralised platform where all new property developments are listed in a single place and easily accessible for all. The intention is to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for both developers and buyers who can enjoy the user-friendly and professional service. 


We recognise that excellence in property development hinges on assembling a top-tier team. Comprised of industry-savvy professionals, we possess a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, trends, regulations, and challenges. Our approach is characterised by proactivity and collaboration, reflecting a commitment to the success of every facet of our developments.

Join us, and become part of a company where expertise meets a friendly and collaborative culture, fostering both personal and professional growth. Find out more about career opportunities below.

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The information contained within this website has been supplied by the vendor or the vendor’s agents and Professionals, Redcoats Limited is merely passing over this information as supplied to us. All intending purchasers are advised to conduct their own due diligence investigation into this information.


Information contained within this website has been provided for marketing purposes only and may have been prepared prior to all local authority consents being granted and the commencement of construction.


Any quoted measurements are estimates only. Illustrations, drawing perspectives, specifications and information presented on this website are indicative only and no responsibility will be taken for any difference between the depiction in the marketing material and the completed development of homes. All loose furniture and feature lighting is shown for illustration purposes only and are excluded from the purchase price.




Changes may be made on this website during the development and all dimensions, finishes, fittings and specifications are subject to change without notice and do not form part of a sales agreement. When there are discrepancies or differences between the information or descriptions contained within this website and the sales agreement, the sales agreement shall prevail.


Whilst every attempt has been made for the accurate preparation of the information contained herein, purchasers must make their own enquiries regarding any development. To the maximum extent permitted by law we do not accept any responsibility to any party for the accuracy or use of the information herein.


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Professionals Specialise In Residential Property

Professionals, Redcoats Limited, as members of the Professionals group, provide expertise and experience in residential real estate and collaborate with a nationwide network of high performing agents and a database of keen buyers.

Professionals are also associated with Oxygen Property Management. Oxygen is Professionals’ sister company specialising in property management. Their property managers provide their clients with expert advice and rental appraisals, as well as five star service.

Professionals Support The Child Cancer Foundation

As members of the Professionals Group, a major part of their commitment to the community is their ongoing sponsorship of the Child Cancer Foundation - a non-profit support network for children with cancer and their families.


Value Proposition

New Home Buyers

As a local platform, New Build Hub is able to showcase a wide range of new residential properties in the Wellington region, reducing the amount of time buyers are currently spending on alternative platforms in search of the right property option for them. New home buyers can find the information they’re looking for, as they’re looking for it, centralising contact information and property details in one convenient location.

By signing up for property development updates, buyers will be kept up to date with upcoming developments and be the first to know about market opportunities. 

Property Developers

Professionals’ team of highly skilled agents work closely with property developers, showcasing, marketing and selling their developments on New Build Hub - a central point of focus for the entire Wellington region’s new homebuyer market.


New Build Hub reduces the manual time and labour costs associated with independent marketing and website creation by listing all property developments profiles in one place.

Strategic Partnerships

We have strong relationships with key players in the real estate, technology and media industries, ensuring every campaign is maximised bringing in the best result, every time.