There from the start

Well over 100 developments and over 3,000 new home and section sales have prepared us to talk to you about your next project

A great return for happy clients is always our end game.

The Professionals New Build Division like to be included as early as possible in the evolution of any new project, which allows them to contribute to the feasibility and vision for a prospective development. Identifying the maximum potential and best use of a site plays a key role in ensuring the project is profitable, worth pursuing and in-line with the needs and wants of all prospective buyers.



It’s an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market, and the Professionals New Build Division are continuously monitoring the market and sales results to the ninth degree in order to assist developers in successfully securing sites at the right price. In addition to this, they’re also able to advise on potential prices they may achieve for the end product. Professionals are constantly looking for opportunities for their clients and aim to help each of them keep their supply chain of land full. This often means sourcing land off-market for clients who know what they want, and just need the right space to bring their vision to life.

Whether clients are new to property development, or have been at it for a long time, the knowledgeable team at Professionals is happy to confidentially discuss any development project. In the early stages, even before a project begins, Professionals can contribute to the debate on how the land can best be subdivided in accordance with the local body rules, earthworks, density and future construction.


Can Developers Be Involved In The Marketing Process?

Our marketing division welcome input and feedback from our developer clients. New Build Hub is all about making things as easy as possible for developers to market their properties. New Build Hub alongside the Professionals team can take care of branding, strategy and the launch of your new project, providing a full wrap-around marketing service that is second to none. However, developers who have already kicked off a marketing campaign or want to have greater involvement in how their project is presented and promoted are more than welcome to do so.


Financing Developments

Let’s face it, banks are not always a developer’s best friend. Lenders are looking for a feasibility analysis that makes commercial sense and that shows the applicant has experience or has employed the services of an experienced team.

A developer should be looking for a return of no less than 20 per cent. Lenders look at a combination of the borrower’s equity position in a project and the profit margin.

To get started, many developers have to rely on private equity funding and other second-tier lenders. Where necessary, the Professionals New Build Division seeks to understand what the developer’s lenders require of them, which then enables them to prepare a Project Appraisal, marketing options and purchaser conditions to satisfy the bank. In some instances Professionals have introduced lenders or partners to developer clients.


Can Small-Scale Developments Be Listed Here Too?

Absolutely. New Build Hub works with a whole range of developers - from those who like to build one, two, or three homes at a time, to those who won’t look at anything under thirty individual residences.


Professionals, alongside New Build Hub, aims to develop a trusting partnership with developers that begins with one project and continues well into the future. By working collaboratively, development processes can be streamlined and successful outcomes maximised, every time.



Buyer data-base

New Build Hub attracts purchasers when they start thinking of buying a new home and invites them to provide details of what they would like to purchase. When Professionals launch a new Project they reach thousands of purchasers.


Showcase of new homes

New Build Hub is built and continues to be improved as a specialist site for selling new homes. This website is here to provide comprehensive information about each development, the benefits of living there, details on each home,  a one stop shop and links to agents with experience in conceptual selling.


Sales Contracts that close deals

Professionals New Build Division know what things a purchaser or their lawyer are likely to push back on and what they like to see in an Agreement for Sale and Purchase. The same goes for what upgrades are most popular with purchasers and which have gone out of fashion. They often contribute to the review process when documents are being prepared.


Market insight

Professionals New Build Division closely monitor trends and will show you what marketing is creating the best results, what new homes are the most popular, what purchasers love in a new home, the prices being paid for new homes, the prices being paid for development land and plenty more that comes from being part of so much new build activity.